1. 1. 1 Enaar Infotech Private Limited Rajiv Chaubey PRESENTATION2 ABOUT PROJECT:
  2. The Inspiration
  3. At 1.35 BN, India holds the second largest population in the world and at the current growth rate will soon become the largest. As an economy, India is considered as top of the pack amongst emerging markets and attracts the world’s attention as a highly potent investment destination for the sheer volume of internal consumption of goods and services that drives economic growth. Yet when we map development and growth we either look towards our cities or look to create more cities, thus ignoring the strength that resides in rural India. We at Enaar Infotech caught the pulse of what makes rural India tick and what is potentially the highpoint of domestic growth. We came up with the following hypothesis that became our single biggest inspiration to conceive this project.
  5. ENAAR INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED THE COMPANY REGISTRED WITH ROC, PATNA IN2013 UNDER COMPANY’S ACT On 11.12.2013 COMPANY GOT REGISTERED AT THAT TIME WE HAD ONE MOTTO TO TAKE TECHNOLOGY TO RURAL INDIA BUTWHAT & How was not properly planned as we don’t have complete details of rural india To collect all the info like population, produce, no. of household, problems faced by rural people, what they want from technology to increase their income..etc, we started PAN INDIA SURVEY 2013 2014 2014-15 W R I T E S O M E T H I N G H E R E
  6. 4. 4 OUR TIMELINE Finally Rural Mall & Rural Cinema was conceptualized . Rural mall& Rural Cinema Digitization of data complete On analyzing the date, we came up with an idea to provide market to rural produce- direct from farmers to consumers After collecting all the required data from all the villages in india , we started digitizing it Survey Complete 2016-17 2016 2015 W R I T E S O M E T H I N G H E R E
  7. 5. 5 Our TIMELINE Rural mall& Rural Cinema To provide logistic support, a presentation done successfully for Postal dept for tie up WE SELECTEDTHEPLACE FOR FRANCHISEETOBE APPOINTED ON PAN INDIA BASISBASED ON Populationwithin6 km of the centre. Very strategically selected place for pan india WE CAME UP WITH PLAN OF SETTING UP ASSISTED E COMMERCE WITH ACTUAL CENTRES RUN BY OUR All data ,entire Indian village with population, house hold numbers ,etc digitized with area map 2018 2018 2016-17 E N A A R I N F O T E C H P R I V A T E L I I T E D
  8. 6. 6 OUR TIMELINE We are now launching from Bihar in 2021 Rural mall& Rural Cinema Unique franchise model created , in which each franchisee will get a 100 seater cinema hall with no investment ( bigger screen size of 25 ft and4k with dolby digital plus sound) Secure server was created where all the data is parked securely , after proper authentication only one can login to our server and access data base. One data for marketing & staff and one master data for owners. Creating biggest rural or Indian distribution network A complete plan with the help of franchise was made to reach each nook & corner of country 2020 2019 2018 E N A A R I N F O T E C H P R I V A T E L I I T E D
  9. 7. 7 Project based on following key points EMPOWERING RURAL INDIA INCREASING INCOME OF RURAL HOUSEHOLD E N A A R I N F O T E C H P R I V A T E L I M I T E D Ø Agriculture is a key driver for the country Ø Agri Tech: home grown technology to increase yield and quality of their produce. Ø The change from “produce to product” that needed skilling Ø Enhancing shelf life of produce through food processing capabilities
  10. 8. 8 Project based on following key points EMPOWERING RURAL INDIA INCREASING INCOME OF RURAL HOUSEHOLD E N A A R I N F O T E C H P R I V A T E L I M I T E D ü Connecting rural India to the rest of the country Ø Providing digital platform to market products Ø E-Marketplace to be able to connect with buyers across the globe not just the country Ø Providing logistics support through HUB locations ü Leveraging the strength of the rural population Ø Household as a manufacturer
  11. 9. 9 Project based on following key points EMPOWERING RURAL INDIA INCREASING INCOME OF RURAL HOUSEHOLD. E n a a r i n f o t e c h p r i v a t e l i m i t e d Ø Low cost solutions to convert household Produce to Product Ø Customized solutions for every household
  12. 10. 10 ‘A success seem to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit’. THE EFFORT We did survey of more than 800 Mn people residing in our villages. exhaustive survey across 29 States, 739 Districts, 6710 Blocks, 257000 Panchayats and more than 658000 Villages and the results literally spoke volumes. It helped us conceive and envision an idea that would effectively change lives
  13. 11. 11 S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS S W O T Things needs to be arranged properly are mentioned here. Millions of people to manage. Weakness If we delay then may be other players can enter but they need detailed plan which can only be made on data available. Threats Market size USD 125 Bn every hear with no player at the moment in this sector so first entrant will have all the benefits. Opportunity OUR IDEA , survey, and strategy Strengths
  14. 12. 12 S Rural Mall: The effort to providing a sure and fair e-market place to the farmers for their products led us to create an AI based e-marketplace that would provide easy listing and the ability to sell your products using an online platform. Ø We engaged the brightest minds from India to create the platform that would self-learn and improve the user experience with use. Ø The registrations would be one time paid and would enable all users to market and sell their produce through the platform Ø The appointed franchisees would provide complete support for packaging and logistics for ferrying the products to and fro from the house to the HUB Ø We tied up with India Post Office to provide the entire logistics backbone of product delivery across the country Ø The platform would not only provide an e-marketplace but would help the users conceive most relevant projects matching their produce and highlight matching project reports to pursue Ø The business model would entail revenue share with the platform for sale of products. STRENGHTS
  15. 13. 13 S ü Rural Cinema: We realized that there was a clear lack of entertainment facilities in rural India with only 13000 Cinemas for our entire population as against 60000 Cinemas in China Ø We decided to make entertainment the pivot of our strategy to bring people together and thus conceived the concept of more than 40000 screens across key locations that would cater to a minimum 3000-4000 households within a 6 KM radius Ø We would appoint 40000 franchisees where we would create the cinema infrastructure for them at our cost. These would be our local service HUB and will provide common product packaging and logistics facilities STRENGHTS
  16. 14. 14 S ü Rural Cinema: Ø The Cinemas would double up as internet hubs with 8-10 computer stations to be utilized by the people visiting Ø The cinemas would be used for Entertainment, Education, Skill Development and providing medical consultancy over video calls Ø The business model would enable the franchisees to get the Cinema “free” on committing to lease out 4000 sqft of space on long lease at no fee and undertaking the sign-up of at least 1200 households(6000 people) within a 6 Km radius. STRENGHTS
  17. 15. 15 S ü Our e-market place “RURALMALLS” to give our farmers the ability to sell the products that they produce ü providing localized support by grouping villages and creating a HUB location through our Franchisee on our pre selected locations CHALLENGES ü We need a self-learning digital model, the delivery of which integrates with on ground presence to be most effective, given the demographics of the population under discussion ü We need cutting edge technology to amalgamate with a simplistic idea that would bring these people together and create a sticky platform Strength
  19. 17. 17 Formation of Self help group, & registration on our portal SERVICES Provided By Our Franchisee Project report for MFU, Training videos, Packaging of Processed food item & Logistic support ( sold item pickup from seller’s home – packaging– delivery to post office for buyers destination. Checking quality & quantity of product while packaging. After successful delivery of product to buyer, initiating payment credit of sold item to seller’s account What each registrant will get in INR 1000 of one time fee ? FRANCHISEE TASK / DUTIES • Listing on our e commerce portal with seller dashboard/app with all tools to manage the store/inventory. • Help on selecting micro food processing unit(MFU) , based on the produce of the farmer family • Project report of the MFU • Training to run the MFU
  20. 18. 18 Through Our Franchisee will make sure the quality and quantity of each sold product, so that the customer will receive products which are literally checked by us before dispatch. Giving 100% customer satisfaction. 100% customer satisfaction Service being offered by our company. Ideally, a product should meet a certain consumer demand, or it should be so compelling that consumers believe. The money paid by buyer shall be fully secured with us and only be transferred to sellers account once the product is successfully received by buyer. Its called“RM Guarantee” 24 hrs customer support for buyers Product delivery guarantee
  21. 19. 19 The enaar team W R I T E S O M E T H I N G H E R E MEET THE CORE TEAM
  22. 20. 20 TEAM Managing director, Technocrat Rajiv Chaubey Chief Technology Partner & advisor S. KUMAR Looking bihar Franchisee business IMROZ SURI Head Of operation, Bihar A K Pandey
  23. 21. 21 BUSINESS Associates Tech Partner Team of Manitech Design Partner for Theatres Vistar Interiors Loan Partner to Framers Shailesh Takker, Real World Real World is partner with us for providing loan to Farmers to setup MFU, if required, their loan app is already integrated on our server.
  25. 23. 23 E N A A R I N F O T E C H P R I V A T E L I M I T E D info@ruralmalls.com
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