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Welcome to Rural Cinemas

Very soon starting a chain of rural theaters cum e com center across the country by appointing Franchisee at Different location in INDIA. Starting First with BIHAR thereafter UTTAR PRADESH & MAHARASHTRA. OUR FRANCHISEE will not only run e commerce Centre but also provide loan to our registered sellers through our Loan Partner REAL WORLD INDUSTRIES LIMITED to start a micro food processing unit. Submitting Loan application to disbursement will be assisted through our Franchisee in their area. Our franchisee will be given 100 seat cinema hall on revenue sharing ( entire investment on cinema hall will be done by us, Providing free ownership of cinema to our Franchisee). For Taking Franchisee in Bihar Contact our 24x 7 call Centre 8448440923 or you can apply online through this site on Franchisee Registration ,

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Don’t Miss the golden opportunity to own a cinema hall in your Panchayat by simply selecting 1200 families & registering 5 members from each family to create a SELF HELP GROUP To Establish A MICRO FOOD PROCESSING UNIT in the home. Each registered Member will be Eligible for apply to get 20-25 thousand rupees as loan through our loan Partner REAL WORLD Finance ( REAL WORLD INDUSTRIES LIMITED).

OWN A FREE CINEMA HALL BY REGISTERING 6000 Members ( 1200 Familes ) Out Of 20000 People ( 4000 Families ) Of Your Panchayat. Each Regitered Family Of 5 Members Will Be Eligible To Get 1 To 1.5 Lacs Of Loan To Establish A Micro Food Processing Unit In Their Home So That Their Income Can Increase Upto 6 Times From Their Existing CROP .

Help Families Of Your Panchayat In Getting Loan Up To 1.5 Lacs Through Our Loan Partner By Filing Online Loan Application To Disbursement Without Going Anywhere And Get Rewarded With FREE CINEMA HALL On Revenue Sharing Basis Without Any Investment.

Selection Of Families For Registration So That They Can Be Eligible To Apply For Loan Through Our LOAN PARTNER “REAL WORD FINANCE” Will Be Done By You Only So You Will Decide Which Families Will Have Micro Food Processing Unit In Their Home To Increase Their Income.

By Paying 1000 As Registration Fee & Becoming A Registered Seller On Our E Commerce Site RURALMALLS- The Registered Members Will Get Assistance In Selection Of Suitable Micro Food Processing Unit Along With The Detailed Project Report FREE OF COST And Not Only This They Will Also Be Eligible To Get Loan Upto 25 Thousand Per Member Without Any Security / Guarantee. However If OUR FRANCHISEE Feels That The Adequate Security Is Needed From Applicant Then He May Ask The Applicant Because The Repayment Of Loan By Applicant Will Be Done Through Franchisee Only As His Responsibility That’s Why He Will Be Given Full Freedom In Selecting The Families/ Members For Registration.

The Decision On Selection For Registration Will Be Of Our Franchisee Only.
Be our Franchisee today and BECOME A” REAL MUKHIYA” of your PACHAYAT and Earn more than 2 lacs rupees/ month.

IF YOU HAVE 5000 Sq Ft Of Land In Your Name On Your Village Road Then Apply Today Online. अगर आपके पास अपने गाँव के सड़क पर 5000 Sq Ft जमीन है तो आज ही ऑनलाइन आवेदन कर अपने पचायत में बनें हमारा मुखिया ।
application fee 6500 rs only. ( आवेदन शुल्क मात्र 6500 रुपये) ।

आज ही बनें हमारे फ्रैन्चाइज़ी और बिना किसी चुनाव और चुनावी खर्च के बन जाएँ अपने पंचायत का असली मुखिया।
लोगों को घर बैठे बनाए स्वरोजगरी और दिलवाएँ बिना भागदौड़ के आवश्यक लोन और वह भी बिना किसी गारंटी के,हमारे लोन पार्टनर के जरिए ।
ऑन लाइन लोन की सुविधा “Loan Process” शुरू हो चुकी है।

लोगों को पंजीकृत कर दिलवाएँ लोन( लोन पार्टनर के जरिए) और बनें 100 सीटों वाले बड़े परदे के सिनेमा हाल का मालिक बिना किसी निवेश के और कमाएँ हर महीने लाखों में ।
डेमो सिनेमा हाल पटना में शुरू हो गया है। हमारे सिनेमा हाल की विशेषता यह है की बड़े परदे के बावजूद प्रजेक्टर बैटरी से चलता है और महीने में मात्र 500 रुपये की बिजली का खर्च ।
सिनेमा हाल टिकट बिक्री का 50 फीसदी हिस्सा आपका और पूरे निवेश के बदले 50 फीसदी हिस्सेदारी हमारी।
खर्च हमारा कमाई आपकी .
सिनेमा हाल टिकट बिक्री का 50 फीसदी हिस्सा आपका और पूरे निवेश के बदले 50 फीसदी हिस्सेदारी हमारी।

खर्च हमारा कमाई आपकी .

If You Copyright/ Negative Owner Of Hindi/Bhojpuri/Marathi/Gujrati/Bengali/ Punjabi/Chattisgarhi/Nagpur Or Any Other Regional Films & Want To Sell The Theater & Digital Rights For Our Rural Theatre Chain Then Contact Our Call Centre Or Mail At Info@Ruralcinemas.Com